What is ALTA?

ALTA (Austin Latino Theater Alliance) was born 14 years ago with the intention of uniting and supporting the different Latino and Hispanic theater groups in the community. As such, the organization contributed to maintaining the tradition and community production of La Pastorela, a traditional nativity play, and also supported the diverse artistic and cultural projects.

Today, ALTA has been reborn as a community of artists and volunteers who are firmly committed to fostering the development of new talents in the theater arts, promoting collaborative productions among local and international artists, and bringing the highest quality theater to the Austin audiences.

This commitment stems from a desire to bring Hispanic/LatinAmerican plays and productions whose language, be it Spanish or English, speaks to the universal emotions and beliefs that transcends cultural, social and geopolitical barriers, and which are rooted in the commonality of the human experience. Our work seeks to challenge the preconceptions of what is Latino theater, and become a source of inspiration and redemption that goes beyond activism and folklore. ALTA believes that the art of theatre is a cultural force with the capacity to transform the lives of individuals and society at large. 

Our goals are to:

·         Bring quality theater productions to the Austin community

·         Educate and foster an appreciation for the theater arts among the Hispanic and Latino community

·         Serve as an artistic launch pad for local talent

·         Provide practical experience in the theater arts, management and production to future professionals and facilitate their mentorship by seasoned members

·         Preserve, enrich and celebrate the use of the Spanish language as a vehicle of cultural communication and understanding

·         Collaborate and contribute to the success and mission of other community organizations, educational institutions and social service agencies, whose goals are directed towards the betterment of the Hispanic community

 What have we accomplished?                                                                    

• Annual production of La Pastorela (1994 to present)

• December 2011- “Natividad: A Homemade Pastorela” Playwright by Miguel Angel Santana, Directed by Alejandro Pedemonte. A total of 9 shows- Estimated attendance numbers: 720

•  September 2012,Habla Teatro: A conversation with Barbara Colio.

Barbara presented a one hour master class conference, talked about her work, inspiration and technique, how contemporary Latin American dramaturgy has become a window to experience the reality of Latin American Countries and communities, the inspirational process when writing a play, and her experience becoming a worldwide recognized dramaturge. ALTA offered a simultaneous English translation. Total Attendance: 60 people

• September 2012- “Cuerdas” (Strings) by Barbara Colio. Directed by Daniela Ruiz. A total of 9 shows- Estimated attendance numbers: 850

• December 2012 – “La PastoreNovela” Playwright by Miguel Angel Santana, Directed by Alejandro Pedemonte. A total of 10 shows – Estimated attendance numbers: 1100

One of the 2012 Pastorela performances was a donation to Lupe Arte and El Buen Samaritano.

• January 2013- Habla Teatro: Adolfo Aguilar. The artist and it’s image: managing your resources.

• April -May 2013- Workshop> Theater production I. Fundamentals of acting, directing, lighting, staging

* Habla Teatro: Ana Lia Saettone. Music and Theater: creating the musical background of a play.

* October 2013 "Rosa de Dos Aromas" by Emilio Carballido. Directed by Karla Longnion.

The theatrical production gives voice to an issue essential to feminism, in which a woman looks at herself through the eyes of another woman in the context of her relationship with a man. Does civil status have the same value for her as it has for him? Does she have to marry to achieve a certain status in society? This is a story of love and friendship—a story of desire and the uncovered characteristic neediness is. It’s about the road that Marlene and Gabriela follow, with an ending that will bring to light the real intention of the destiny that has bound these two women together.

* Nov. 4-9 Lighting Design Workshop with Carlos Arce

*November 2013 Habla Teatro: Lorena Cantu presents “Chubasco”

*December 2013 La Pastorela- Directed by Patricio Villareal. Music Director Kiko Villamizar. 

A presentation of a traditional script with all the original elements of la Pastorela (angels, demons, sheperds) in a musical and contemporary format, which highlights the audiences participation and collaboration throughout the performance.

At the Emma S. Barrientos, Mexican American Cultural Center from Dec.12 to 22, Thursdays, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

June-July 2014 "Burundanga" A comedy from Jordi Galceran. Directed by Alejandro Pedemonte.
Burundanga opened in Madrid in 2011 and has been on stage for 4 season, it has been watched by more than 250, 000 audience members in  Spain, and is currently being produced in various  venues across Latinamerica. Austin will not be the exception to this successful run.  The cast for BURUNDANGA in Austin is comprised by: Juan Cuspinera, Bárbara Garza, Daniela Camiro, Héctor Vera and Mario Ramírez.

ALTA is formed by artists and community volunteers. Each production seeks to provide a showcase for new talents and artistic discoveries.