ALTA    seeks    to    maintain    an   environment   in   which    community,    artistic,  production  and 
administrative   members  can  grow.  As  such,  we  strive   to   present  intensive   workshops   in  the areas   of:   acting,   directing,   production    and   theater  management. 

We   also   present   our   series   HABLA   TEATRO   in   which   playwrights,  production professionals  and  internationally  recognized  artists  shared  their  insights  and  experiences  with the public.

We  hope  to  expand  the  scope  of  our  HABLA Teatro series to continuously engage the community  in   forum   discussions   going    beyond    the   play   to  delve  into   the   issues   raised. HABLA   Teatro   talks   will  soon  be  supplemented  by  online  blogs  that will include commentary from   other   local   artists,   educational   and   mental   health   professionals,  and  members  of  the community.  This  initiative  will  also  provide  the  necessary  tools  to  create a stronger engagement with  the  themes  explored  through  our  artistic  work.

Some of our HABLA TEATRO presentations have included: